VIDEO: She Felt Guilty Leaving Her Dog At Home Alone—So She Came Up With A GENIUS Idea!

Dogs are like another member of the family for a lot of people. They are rather attached to them, and it is difficult for a lot of people to think of having to leave their dog for the whole day. Of course, many have to do this to go to work and take care of the other various activities throughout the day. This bothered 15 year old Brooke Martin, so she came up with a plan.

Getting some assistance from her father, Brooke created an app that allows for video calls between pets and their owners. It is called iCPootch and it is currently retailing at $150. The human owner can use it to dial up their pet and even to release treats for the animal from wherever they happen to be. This allows for the animal and the owner to never really be apart from one another. They are just a simple video chat away!

The animals are sure to love it as well since they are able to see their owners and receive treats. It can be a big comfort to them to know that their human is really not that far away and that they will return at some point in the day. Those are the kinds of things that can really help with a dog.

Remember that you may have to be separated from your beloved pet for eight hours or more in a day, so considering using this new technology to make the separation a little easier to deal with.

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