VIDEO: She Fell Asleep With Her Feet On The Dashboard. What Happens Next? Ugh…

Falling asleep in the passenger’s seat might not sound like a bad idea. Normally, it wouldn’t be. 22-year-old Bethany from Michigan certainly didn’t think so. She even propped her feet on the dashboard to make sure she was comfortable for the ride home.

Out of eyesight of the driver, her boyfriend, another vehicle hit a motorcycle. In front of Bethany, a semi-truck driver slammed on their breaks to avoid becoming part of the accident. Her boyfriend couldn’t stop in time to avoid the truck, however. The front end of his 2002 Pontiac Sunfire crashed into the end of the semi-truck.

The initial accident cost the motorcyclist their life. The semi-truck driver was fine. Bethany’s boyfriend received 100 stitches. Bethany, however, was left in the worst state of all the wreck survivors. Because she placed her feet on the dashboard, she broke bones in both her feet. As that happened, the airbags in the car went off, sending her knees colliding with her face, breaking her eye socket, nose, and cheek bone.

Despite the accident happening in 2010, Bethany still has to take 20 pills every morning to help ease the pain that she deals with. It keeps her from doing regular activities that her friends participate in as well.

In an effort to keep other people save, Bethany chose to share her story.

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