VIDEO: She Explains What She Learned At Church – I Can’t Stop Cracking Up!

Everyone no the kids say the darndest things. Because they haven’t really learned to filter their speech, they say all sorts of things that no adult would ever say, and it is absolutely adorable. A lot of the time, they mispronounce words or phrases as well, and this is entertaining because of what sometimes comes out of their mouths.

The little girl in this video is no exception to this rule. She creates a very humorous and entertaining moment during a conversation with her mother about Sunday school. When her mother asked her about what she has learned, she tells her that she has learned to pray and learn about God.

Then, she thinks for a second before proceeding to tell her mother that she has also learned about Cheez-Its. Her mother asks her, “Do you mean God and Jesus?” Apparently not, as the little girl says with all the confidence in the world, “No, Cheez-Its!”

It is funny that the little girl does not even consider for a second to that her mother may be right, and that she was being taught about God and Jesus in Sunday school. She is completely convinced that they were teaching her about Cheez-Its instead. Who knows, maybe this particular Sunday school was teaching some sort of lesson about Cheez-Its or using them. It is more likely, however, that this little girl was just creating a very cute moment that she will look back on and laugh at for many years to come.

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