VIDEO: She Easily Has The Best Job In The World. She’s A Panda Hugger!

It’s not very often that baby pandas can be approached. The mother often makes sure that the babies are protected from people and other animals. There are five babies that have been monitored by staff in a zoo.

One woman plays with the babies on a regular basis, and they enjoy seeing this woman when she enters the exhibit. When they see the woman, the babies start to run to her in a clumsy way as they are still small. They will squeak with delight as they know there is someone to play with them.

Two of the Panda babies like to sit on the woman’s lap while she rubs their necks while the other three are waiting for their turn. One of the babies doesn’t seem to want to share as he squeaks for attention. She grabs one of the three babies and moves it closer to her.

The Panda she is holding in her arms gives her a hug and latches on to her like he might do with his real mother. The other Panda cuddles right next to the woman as she pats his back. The one little Panda in the front looks like he is trying to get away as he only wants attention and isn’t getting any.

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