VIDEO: She Didn’t Want Him Going To Prom Alone, So She Asked Him In An Unforgettable Way. OMG!

Many people will always remember their high school prom. It is a landmark event in the life of a teenager. However, most people do not remember how they were asked to go, or how they asked someone to go with them. There are some stories, though, that create incredible memories for the two people involved. The story of Sarah Kardonsky and Mike Pagano of Levittown, New York is one such story.

Mike actually asked Sarah to the prom first, but she had to say no because she already had a date. However, she felt really bad about this, because Mike had a form of high functioning autism, and she thought he was one of the nicest kids in school. She couldn’t stand the thought of him going to prom alone, so she talked to her date, and they actually agreed to that if possible, she should actually go with Mike instead.

She not only decided to go with him, but she spent a few weeks planning out how she was going to ask him because she wanted to give him an amazing memory. She knew that Mike was a die hard Jets fan, so what she did was absolutely incredible. She ended up playing him a video in class where she got 9 of the players from the New York Jets to ask Mike to prom for her.

Of course, Mike said yes to her before the video was even over. Sarah was just so happy that he was happy.

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