VIDEO: She Didn’t Listen To Her Doctors And Something Happened No One Could Explain

When a woman wants to have a child, she will go to any lengths to make that happen. One woman didn’t listen to anything that the doctors warned her about, and she became the world’s shortest mother.

The doctors told her that there might be complications and that the baby might not survive. They even told her to end the pregnancy. The woman is only a few inches taller than two feet, and when she had her baby, it made her the shortest mother.

The lower half of her body has been removed, and she makes her way through life on a skateboard. She soon met a man who she fell in love with, and they got married. When they got married, they decided they wanted to have a baby. Through a miracle, she found out she was pregnant.

Not only did the couple have a baby, but they now have two children. The woman defied what she was told and is now happier than ever. She has even been cast in an episode of American Horror Story. It’s situations like this that prove that miracles exist, and with a little love and support, anyone can get what they want in life.

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