VIDEO: She Cuts Her Old Socks In Half. The Results? Simply Amazing!

Upcycling is quickly becoming a popular pastime for good reason. The process of taking items which would normally be thrown away, and turning them into something new comes with a lot of benefits. It’s a fast, fun, and cost effective way to enrich one’s life while also helping the environment.

One great way to start is with old, white, socks. They may not look it at first, but they’re the perfect base with which to create a snowman. It all begins by cutting the sock in half. Keep in mind that the length of a sock will vary, and different sizes will come out differently as snowmen.

After the sock has been cut, one should fill it with rice. It’s obviously a given that the rice should be dry, rather than prepared. Once the sock has been filled with rice, one can play around with the distribution. There should be enough rice to allow one to properly create the shape of a snowman. Traditionally this means a larger sphere for a base, and then one or two smaller spheres on top. If there’s an excess of rice, pour that out. Then tie off the top of the sock with a bit of twine.

Next, cinch the middle of the sock with another bit of string. This creates the snowman’s spheres. After that one can decorate it as desired. One fun trick is to take another sock, cut and tuck it to make it smaller, and then use it as a hat for the snowman. One should ensure that the snowman has eyes, and possibly some buttons. Other than that, a crafty person can create any number of fantastic outfits or looks for the snowman.

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