VIDEO: She Cut Into The Turkey And Found Something Inside She Never Expected. WOW!

This video portrays what seems like a typical family on Thanksgiving Day. The only difference is, however, this young woman is clearly a victim of a holiday prank. A young woman is asked ( from what appears to be her mother operating from behind the camera) to remove all the stuffing from a cooked turkey.

As she begins to remove all the stuffing from the turkey cavity, she comes across something rather unusual.

As the young woman struggles to pull out something rather large, she does not realize that a Cornish Hen was strategically placed within the turkey to startle her. While pulling out the Hen, the woman begins to become emotional. She claims the turkey was pregnant and ready to delivery a baby bird before being harvested and cooked. What makes this video hilarious is not the fact the young woman fell victim to a Thanksgiving Day joke.

What makes it funny, rather, is because she seems to neglect common sense. She does not seem to realize that turkeys don’t give birth to baby birds. But, in fact, they lay eggs like all other types of birds. Her reaction to the Cornish Hen is almost as funny as her neglect for common knowledge.

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