VIDEO: She Crouches In Front Of Baby And Waits For THIS. What Happened? NO WAY! 

A child’s milestones are some of the most anticipated moments in a parent’s life; a baby’s first smile, first words, first steps. The glorious thing about our time is that technology allows for the opportunity to capture such events on camera and relive them over and over again.

One mother managed to record a rather interesting and impressive moment in her daughter’s life when she recorded her three-month-old, Malynn, using sign language. Signing can be used to teach children how to express their needs and wants before they are able to vocalize them.

This is generally a method of communication used with older babies, however Malynn has has exhibited her intelligence in a video her mother shared online. In the video, she lifts her little arms and makes a sound very similar to “up”, signifying that she wants to be carried.

The impressiveness of Malynn’s accomplishment is supported by information on the site Baby Sign Language. It is explained that, “On average it takes a 6 month old baby two months of signing exposure to start signing back.”

Although Malynn is just repeated a sign she was taught by her mother, she’s already demonstrating cognitive abilities beyond her age. Whether someone wants to think it’s a just a coincidence or that Malynn is truly a fast learner at only 12 weeks old, one thing is certain: she sure is cute to watch.

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