VIDEO: She Cried As Soon As She Saw What Was Written On Her Newborn Baby’s Onsie

J.R. and Laney recently had a daughter, and it was a joyous occasion for all. When Laney gave birth to little Bailey Bomba, J.R. had a surprise that was going to make the occasion even more special than it already was. When speaking of his plan, J.R. stated, “It was a long time in the making. Just finally coming out and doing it.” His plan ended up using the couple’s new daughter in a very special way.

He had been planning on asking his daughter’s mother to marry him for a long time, and he decided to pop the question with his little daughter’s help. He enlisted the help of his girlfriend’s parents as well, who kept her busy while he was preparing for the big moment. This would happen right after Bailey’s first bath.

Once Bailey was all clean, J.R. put a onesie on the baby that had a special message in the lovely embroidery. It read, “Mommy, will you marry my daddy?” She started to tear up, and of course she said yes, as family members looked on and soaked up the happiness of the newly engaged couple and their baby.

There are many special ways that men have used over the years to pop the big question to the women in their lives. Many of these are very special and unique, and this one is absolutely amazing. Little Bailey will likely eventually know the role that she played in her parents getting engaged, which is just wonderful.

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