VIDEO: She Covers Her Eyes To Play Peek-A-Boo, When Moves Her Hands? I Would Die!

A video of a young woman playing with her pet rat helps dispel the long-held notion that rats are ugly, vicious rodents who serve no use and only spread disease.

Lasting just under two minutes, the video shows a woman lying on the ground playing peek-a-boo with the rat. As she continues to cover her eyes, the rat briefly disappears before gently tapping her to acknowledge his presence.

After each attempt, the rat exhibits a playful side, which amuses the young woman. She allows him to jump all around her while she covers her head and looks at the floor. All during this time, the woman is seen treating the rat just like any other pet.

The rat in question isn’t necessarily as large as the ones seen in slum areas and garbage cans. However, it appears to be nearly a foot long, but since it has presumably been properly treated by a veterinarian, there appears to be no chance that any disease will be spread.

Some unique facts about rats are that if you do get them as a pet, they need to be handled on a regular basis as well as talked to. Not doing so makes them prone to biting, since they deem the infrequent interaction as just dealing with a stranger.

Rats are also able to sense when a person is happy or sad, which is important to know. That’s because if a person is angry, the rat may act in a similar manner toward them.

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