VIDEO: She Births 4 Babies At Once, But Then THIS Happened And Left Everyone Devestated

Sometimes, situations come up that make us wonder where we should be emotionally. There are days that are both a joyful and tragic at the same time. Carlos Morales experienced one of these days.

Right after his wife gave birth to healthy and gorgeous quadruplets, she ended up dying due to a complication associated with childbirth. He had been absolutely jubilant just hours earlier, and then he ended up losing his beloved partner in life. He had these wonderful babies, but he had now lost his wife, and his babies were going to have to grow up without a mother. They never even got the chance to know her at all.

As devastated as Carlos was by the loss of his wife, he decided to remain strong. Instead of wallowing in what had happened and becoming depressed, he was determined to stay on top of everything and raise his children. His main priority was to give his children a great life. This is definitely the best way to handle the situation, because this is what his wife would have wanted.

Although Carlos has these wonderful children now, he has a hard road ahead of him. Being a single parent is very hard, and the challenges are multiplied by four when you are a single parent of quadruplets. He has some very rewarding times ahead of him, but he definitely has some challenging times ahead of him as well. Nevertheless, he is strong and is sure to make a great father.

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