VIDEO She Began Squatting On Stage. When The Camera Zooms Out? I Am In SHOCK!

You never know what you are going to get when you see acrobats walk out on stage. They could be terrific tumblers. They might toss each other high up into the air. Maybe they will compliment their act with graceful dance moves. The latest acrobatic video to make its way around the internet is from a television show in France. The television show is noted for highlighting cabaret acts from all around the world.

The act that has everybody watching over the interact is from China. These particular dancers are from the Guangdong province in China. They specialize in a type of ballet dancing where two people form a partnership. The two dancers perform classical ballet together on the stage.

The act begins with a muscular male dancer squatting on the stage. His back is parallel to the floor. His partner is on top of him with her arms outstretched. As the music begins, the female dancer on top of her partner stands up. She then uses her partner’s back as a stage as she begins performing classic ballet moves to the music. It’s incredible to watch. She has impeccable ballet form. Also, her partner’s back must be insanely strong.

Later on in the performance, the girl dismounts and dances for a few moments in front of the audience. She then dances back to her male partner and makes a beautiful leap. He is able to catch her foot and lift her high up into the air. You must watch this!

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