VIDEO: She Balances A Feather On Her Finger. What She Does Next Blew My Mind. Wow!

Grace and balance are always admirable qualities, but one woman takes this to an extreme during an amazing balancing performance. Balance may seem like a simple skill, but she shocks the crowd with her talent.

She begins the performance holding just a feather, with a pile of sticks at her feet. With a look of intense focus on her face, the woman balances the feather on one stick. She then balances that stick on another stick, and so on. The result is absolutely stunning.

For those of us with balance issues, this feat seems even more impressive. While many of us struggle just to walk without tripping, this woman has perfected the art of balance. In addition, to do this on stage in front of an audience shows a rare grace and bravery. Stage fright can easily get the best of people, but she stayed focused, calm, and steady.

The reaction of the judges and crowd just prove that this woman’s talent is nothing short of amazing. By the end of the performance, they are in complete awe; some of them literally drop their jaws.

This woman has one of the most unique, beautiful talents the world has ever seen.

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