VIDEO: She Approaches A Blind Homeless Man, And Does THIS To His Sign!!

We all wish we could see a beautiful day, however, some cannot, that is the case for this blind homeless man. As he sits on the steps of a large building, he holds a metal can and a sign that says, “I’m blind, please help.” passerby’s toss money his way and he does his best to collect it.

A woman who believes with a change of words and approach it can change the world. She takes his sign and writes something new on it before walking away without another word.

Many people pass by this blind homeless man tossing more change in his direction than he can keep up with. The same woman that changed his sign comes back later in the day on her way back through. As she stops the man can tell that she had returned. He can’t help but ask the woman what she did to his sign.

She answers him with a simple, “I wrote the same, but different words.” she gently touches his shoulder. The man couldn’t say anything other than to thank her. He will never know the words she wrote on the sign or how it helped. But, she changed his “I’m blind, please help.” to “It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it.” The moral of the story is with a little change of words, its can make a big change in the world.

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