VIDEO: Separated For 75 Years, These Siblings Might FINALLY Get Reunited…

After 75 years and many failed attempts at finding her long-lost brother, Rose Burleigh at long last got the chance to be reunited her brother, John Stubbs, whom she hadn’t seen since before World War II!

They two were separated shortly after the death of their mother while their father served in the War. John was taken in by his grandparents while Rose was adopted by their aunt. Rose thought for sure she would never see her brother again.

Years later, with the help of science and a genealogist her search is finally over!

The much anticipated reunion was full of emotion and nostalgic memories as John and Rose caught up on the time they had lost since their separation. Their families were present for the touching event and couldn’t have been happier for the two of them.

Both siblings seem to be grateful and overwhelmed with joy to finally find their long-lost family members.

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