VIDEO: Senator Cotton Has This Urgent Warning To The World About Iran. THIS CAN’T BE IGNORED

During an appearance on Face the Nation on Sunday morning, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton explained the reasons for his crafting a letter to the leaders of Iran that urged them to reject any discussion of nuclear discussions with the Obama administration.

Hot Bob Schieffer asked if the letter in question, which was signed by 46 additional Republicans in addition to Cotton, was an attempt to undermine any potential deal. Cotton claimed that if that deal fell through, a better deal could be obtained.

That approach is the same as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who spoke before Congress two weeks ago to urge the United States not to negotiate with Iran, which has been developing nuclear weapons for the past two decades.

Cotton claimed that Iran controlled Tehran, Damascus, Beirut and Baghdad. It was later pointed out that Tehran is already part of Iran, while the other three are under the control of the terrorist organization, ISIS.

The letter itself set off a firestorm of criticism from both the Obama administration and Democrats in general, with some politicians claiming that the action rivaled an act of treason or other seditious approach. The administration claimed that the action was an attempt to stop any progress made by Secretary of State John Kerry.

Iran itself has commented on the plan, essentially ridiculing the proposal by saying that the politicians were not aware of the workings of American law.

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