VIDEO: See What Happened When Scientists Compare A Fancy Bottled Water VS. Tap Water

Deep down, we all know that we’re taking part in a snake oil caliber racket every time we purchase a bottle of water from a convenience store or a supermarket. We ask ourselves, “Is the water in this bottle really better than the stuff that comes out of my kitchen tap at home?

Well, researchers recently tested a bottle of average, store-bought Fiji Water and ran it through a couple scientific tests. They found more arsenic in that water than was present in the basic, city water of the city in which they purchased the bottle. Yes, that was arsenic… not a misprint.

And the questionable content of bottled water is only a small part of the scam known as “bottled drinking water.” The process of manufacturing the countless plastic bottles used by these companies uses enough oil per year to fuel a million cars! And the sheer amount of bottles purchased every week in the United States alone could wrap around the planet five times! But let’s not forget about the high cost…

One researcher did the math and discovered that, based on the average price of city water in the country, he could fill 4,787 20-ounce bottles for about $2.10. Setting the average cost of bottled water at $1.00 per unit, one is essentially overpaying for their bottle of water by well over 2,000 times! With all of these ongoing debt and credit problems going on in the world, what are we doing overpaying for water?

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