VIDEO: See The Man In Yellow Pants? What His Legs Do Once The Music Starts? Cool!

On August 7, 2004, a Swiss composer and performer named Silvan Zingg was joined at the LaRoquebrou Festival during a performance of his song entitled, “Dancin’ the Boogie,” by two dancers named Maeva Truntzer and Williams Mauvais.

Zingg, whose genre is Boogie Woogie music, began his bouncy tune, while the dancing began. Each individual was wearing contrasting outfits: Truntzer with a gold top and black pants and Mauvais with a black top and baggy gold pants.

Both of their legs move rapidly during the two-minute performance, eliciting applause from the enthusiastic crowd. Some of the choreographed dances have them dancing while holding hands, while other have them dancing frantically while apart.

Almost halfway through the performance, Truntzer helps Mauvais perform a near-cartwheel, which was then followed by a perfectly synchronized side-by-side performance, once again drawing cheers from the audience.

Mauvais’ haircut was done in the style of the era in which the song is patterned after: the 1940’s. He also received a great deal of praise for his ability to keep his shoulders and neck completely still as his legs move in rapid-fire fashion.

While the performance took place in Switzerland, the music originated in the United States. On the continent of Europe, the opularity of the dance form is mixed between those who do it for fun at dance clubs and those competing to win prize money or gifts in a competition.

Since being posted in 2006, a video of the performance has garnered close to six million views.

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