VIDEO: See How They Are Taking Down The KKK And Exposing What They Don’t Want Anyone To See

The hacker group “Anonymous” has obtained the personal financial information of Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona of the racist group the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). The information was dumped to the website “Anonymous” also Tweeted the public to inform them about the data dump. Along with Ancona’s social security number, phone numbers, and credit card accounts, they also dumped information on other KKK members.

“Anonymous” has been waging a cyber-war against the KKK and this action is another attack. “Anonymous” has also made it clear that there was only one verdict for the Ferguson grand jury decision, and it wasn’t the decision the jury reached. The KKK had made threats to harm protesters in Ferguson. “Anonymous” has threatened to take action against government officials and the banks they use in retaliation of the grand jury verdict.

It is clear that the hackers will resort to arbitrarily breaking the law when they decide it is in the best interest of the public. The group released a video announcing the actions against the KKK. In the video, “Anonymous” attributes the rioting, property damage, and physical violence to innocent people not to the lawlessness of the rioters, but to the jury who participated in a legal proceeding and rendered their best judgment.

A legal analyst for CNN has stated that Officer Darren Wilson’s testimony was not believable. It was an attempt to find a silver lining in a case where witnesses were found committing perjury. The sheer amount of perjury against a strong forensic case supporting Wilson’s testimony made it impossible a jury could render a guilty verdict beyond a reasonable doubt. Sadly, neither “Anonymous” nor the rioters are reasonable people.

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