VIDEO: Seconds After Stepping Into This Photo Booth His Life Was Forever Changed. WOW

There are some moments in our lives so precious and memorable that we don’t take the time to capture them on film, though we would probably love to if we had the chance to relive it again. One wife decided to surprise her husband with the news that he was a father to be in a fun, unique way – inside a photo booth!

Photo booths have long been a way for couples to capture themselves and who they are at a specific point in their relationship, and why not? The rapid shutter doesn’t give you time to over think your poses or presentation. The rapid succession simply captures whoever you are at that moment in five or six shots.

For this lucky husband, the moment will be forever recorded not just in the form of a sheet of photos, but also on video thanks to the camera his wife had set up in advance.

The look on his face is priceless, even for viewers who aren’t a part of the news, when just before the camera goes off for the first time, she holds up a tiny hat with the word “baby” printed on it, and a moment later the flash goes off again, capturing the moment forever.

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