VIDEO: Scared 13-Year-Old Grabs The Mic. But Once The Judges Do React, She Loses It!

Over the years, we’ve seen our fair share of performances from America’s Got Talent. Watching all of the bad performances more than makes up for it when we see a performance such as Alejandra’s, where it’s clear that talent comes in many shapes, ages, and sizes.

After entering the stage and conversing with the judges for a bit, it becomes clear that 13-year-old Alejandra is a shy singer with a great personality. With her family behind the stage and her Mariachi outfit on, Alejandra takes the mike and belts out her song like any capable adult would.

During her performance, it seems as if Alejandra easily overcomes her stage fright and enjoys herself on stage. It’s clear that the audience, her family, and the judges are wowed and impressed with her talent as everyone happily dances with the music.

Alejandra receives a standing ovation from both the judges and the audience, which was well deserved from her beautiful and upbeat performance. Seeing a young woman happily represent her heritage in such a beautiful way makes the audience go crazy, and the brilliant reaction sends Alejandra into tears and she becomes overwhelmed by the amazing and positive response from her song.

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