VIDEO: Run! NRA Fanatic Ted Nugent Asks GOPers To Grab Their Guns And “Cleanse” America

Ted Nugent was once a beloved rock star. Things changed when he began speaking out more and more about politics. His attitude shifted into Conservatism at first. He now seems to have an incredibly hardline right-wing viewpoint with a touch of Libertarianism thrown in. Nugent has made the headlines several times since the election of President Barak Obama. He has been known to make blatantly racist, sexist and homophobic remarks on a relatively regular basis without any regrets.

This history makes it no surprise that Ted Nugent decided to appear as a guest on the Alex Jones show. Jones is a controversial figure as well. Jones is best known for touting some of the wildest and most offensive conspiracy theories that can be found today. He claims many mass shootings were fake or false flag operations. He believes in a mysterious and evil cabal of people attempting to subjugate normal citizens into a new world order. Jones and Nugent actually share much of the same paranoia about government and the world. They also both have a penchant for hyperbole.

Nugent and Jones talked about their perception of the decline of America. Nugent bizarrely claimed that not playing the movies “Old Yeller” and “Dirty Harry” in schools is causing children to be unable to defend themselves or practice self-preservation. He goes on to describe the tragic scene at the end of “Old Yeller” and proclaims that Americans need to shoot the rabid dogs that are harming the country. “America, you got to cleanse this country.” He quickly follows up by saying “No, I’m not talking about shooting anybody.”

The nearly 10-minute long interview goes through several stages. Nugent called Democrats and Liberals “sub-human freaks” at one point. He calls President Obama the “enemy of America” and Representative Nancy Pelosi a “brain-dead vicious freak” among other things. Nugent and Jones go on to do voice impersonations of Senator Harry Reid. The interview degraded into mostly insults against Democrats and the President and accusations of Communism. It ended with some profanity and homophobic remarks.

The interview was largely viewed negatively by the few outlets that reported on it. The ramblings and threats of Ted Nugent would hold little weight if he was not supported by many top members of the National Rifle Association, or NRA. The thinly veiled threats against Americans and total lack of civility towards elected officials do not seem to be affecting Nugent too much at this time.

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