VIDEO: Rogue Cops Punches Young Teen Over And Over In The Face And It’s Caught On Tape

A police officer punches a fifteen year old girl in the face, and this makes the girl fall to the ground. The girl is a runaway. She has mental problems and is searching for help in her life. The office then gets the girl into a headlock until another officer arrives.

The entire time, the girl is kicking and screaming because she cannot breathe. The girl’s mother approaches the police officers and lets them know the girl has asthma. The officers do not care at all. They pin the girl against the pavement and cuff her.

The way the girl is pinned against the ground, she is still having a hard time trying to breathe. The girls mother and other family members are trying to get the cops to stop their actions. Luckily, a couple driving by has been recording the entire thing.

They approach the mom and other family members to let them know they saw everything. The mom now has evidence that the police offers were very harsh to her daughter. The police claim they could have killed the girl if they so desired it. The police officers believe they did nothing wrong in this situation. Many people think otherwise.

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