VIDEO: Residents Race To Help Save This Dogs Life Using CPR. Would You Do The Same?

When most people see a dog in distress, they will go to the rescue of that animal in order to make sure it’s safe. A resident saw that a dog on a beach was in trouble after it consumed saltwater. This dog could have drowned if it weren’t for the efforts of this resident and the firefighters who were called to the scene.

It appears that the dog drank too much of the water, and it was having a hard time floating. The resident pulled the dog from the water and began giving it CPR. When the fire department arrived on the scene, they were able to save the life of the dog.

A little oxygen was needed in order to get the dog breathing again, but he seems like he will be as happy as before. This is a situation that can teach dog owners a lesson. They need to give their animals plenty of fresh water, especially when it’s hot outside, instead of allowing dogs to drink water from the ocean.

Owners also need to monitor their pets to ensure that they don’t get in the ocean without being able to make it back to shore in some way.

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