VIDEO: Puppy Refuses To Take A Nap, Just Wait Til You See Mommy’s Reaction!

It is hard not to love dogs. They are so friendly, as well as loving. When they are puppies, they are so full of energy that it is sometimes hard to believe. Just like young kids who have too much energy for nap time, puppies often try to avoid nap time as well. In this video, Kali the puppy does not want to take a nap, although his mother is tired and wants the puppy to sleep as well.

The puppy, who is a German Shepherd, wants to stay up and play with his toys. He does not want to sleep and is not tired. However, his mother, when she sees him playing instead of sleeping, walks him back to the bed and nudges him to stay there. Apparently, puppies are a lot like children in this way. They are so full of energy that they do not want to sleep, even though the adults are trying to get them to do so.

This canine mother is not Kali’s biological mother, as the puppy is actually a rescue in this case. However, heartwarmingly, she actually treats this little puppy as if he is her own. She acts just as if she gave birth to him in her own litter. This is another way in which dogs can be like humans – they can adopt young and love them just like they gave birth to them themselves.

The relationship between these dogs is so sweet, and it is likely to continue.

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