VIDEO: Puppy And Baby Meet At Birth, But 1 Year Later…My Favorite Video Ever!

Brandi Hodges, who resides in North Carolina, knew that life would never be the same when she introduced her newborn daughter Eisleigh to a pit bull puppy named Clyde. She says that Eisleigh connected with Clyde instantly. Brandi says that it was love at first sight. Even though pit bulls have a bad reputation, Clyde shows that they can be loving and great pets.

It has been one year since Eisleigh and Clyde first met. Brandi has taken many photos that have captured Eisleigh and Clyde’s first year together. Brandi has also made a video of Eisleigh and Clyde. The title of the “Eisleigh and Clyde: Our First Year Together”.

There is a picture of Eisleigh and Clyde lying together on a blanket. There is also a picture of the two playing with a pool toy together. Brandi and her husband hoped that Eisleigh and Clyde would have a strong bond. They got exactly what they wanted. They also said that the bond between Clyde and Eisleigh is as sweet as it can be.

The video of Eisleigh and Clyde’s first year together has gone viral. It has received over 105,000 views on YouTube. It has also received over 475,000 on Facebook.

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