VIDEO: Pope Francis Just Revealed About Dogs? The Church Is SHOCKED!

Have you ever had to deal with the loss of a family pet and just wished you could see that little fur ball once again? Well, according to Pope Francis, you can. When asked whether or not a young boy would ever see his family pet again, the Pope told him not to worry.

He said that the Kingdom of Heaven is open to all of God’s creature’s, including pets and dogs. So, if this is true, anyone who makes it into Heaven is able to see their pets again. Now, this goes in the face of what traditional Catholicism states, as one of the major elements someone needs to have is a soul in order go walk into Heaven, and this is something, according to their religion, that the pets simply do not have.

Due to this, the Pope is flying in the face of some rather traditional teaching, but this is not the first time he has done this. The new Pope has gone in the face of the church against all sorts of other issues before, which might not fly well with some of the more conservative Catholics, but it has quickly made him one of the more popular Popes in recent memory (even though most people alive today have only been around for a total of three popes).

With this being said though, it should prove interesting to see what the pope decides in the coming future. But for animal lovers, this certainly is very good news.

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