VIDEO: Police Were In A High Speed Chase, When A Mom In A Minivan Did THIS. Police Were Shocked

Cooperating with the police is one thing. Doing their job of apprehending a dangerous criminal while they stare in shocked disbelief is an entirely different matter. That’s exactly what happen in Dallas when a carjacking went very, very badly, at least for the criminal.

Unsuspecting 29 year old Jessica Liesmann was sitting at a traffic light as police were pursuing the getaway driver at dangerously high speeds while a news helicopter filmed the chase from the air. Everyone got more than they’d bargained for when the criminal’s car slammed into the side of Jessica’s minivan. Dubbed Dallas’ “Mama Bear,” almost immediately the fearless woman jumped out of her own wrecked vehicle and jerked the criminal from inside his stolen car.

After a brief struggle, Mama Bear ran out of patience with the big bad criminal and threw him to the ground as stunned police arrived on the scene. Luckily for everyone, the only serious injury was the bruised ego of the carjacker.

Hailed as a hero, the soccer mom’s unexpected citizen’s arrest, caught in its bizarre entirety on video, went viral almost as fast as she’d collared her suspect. Strange as this story is, it even has a happy ending. Upon hearing the news of Jessica’s bravery, a local dealership gave her a brand new car to replace the totaled minivan. The moral: Crime doesn’t pay, especially if Mama Bear can’t drive away.

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