VIDEO: Penn And Teller Absolutely Destroy Psychotic Right-Ring Anti-Vaccine Nuts

As an argument against anti-vaccination, Penn & Teller’s old Bullsh*t is still effective. Penn says that the argument stating vaccinations will cause autism is just pure Bullsh*t. He further went on to explain his take on this sentiment by setting up a demonstration to visually show the difference between vaccinated and those not vaccinated.

Penn took a sheet of plexiglass and labeled it as ‘vaccine’, and placed it in front of a group of plastic bowling pins. This is to represent the children who are vaccinated. He then set a group of plastic pins to the side of the first one, without the plexiglass, and labeled those, ‘the children not vaccinated’.

When Penn was putting the plexiglass in place, he knocks one pin down. This one pin is going to represent the child who developed autism after being vaccinated. The real test to the demonstration begins when Penn & Teller start to roll bowling balls toward the two groups of pins. Each ball that is rolled represents a different illness; mumps, whooping cough, measles, flu and more. Needless to say, the pins with the barrier do not fall down, while the exposed pins almost all get knocked down.

Penn and Teller’s message?

We have vaccinations for all those diseases. Think about which side you want your child on.

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