VIDEO: Pat Robinson Predicts “Gays Will Go Extinct” Because Of This. Shut Up Pat!

Just last week Pat Robertson – TV evangelist/reporter, one-time Presidential hopeful, and former marine who spent the Korean War as a liquor officer in Japan – received a call on his show from a woman who reported that the church she attended did not allow dating, because interest in the opposite sex was seen as a sin.

The only married members, she said, were those who met before they joined the church, which must have been before they learned about the terrible nature of their dealings in love and other matters. Mr. Robertson advised her to run away from that church, which is pretty darn good advice if they are going to make her feel like a shameful sinner for wanting to meet someone who makes her tingle in a certain way.

He then complemented this moment by giving a valuable and scientific lesson about the gays. He said that this church is going to go extinct, just like the gays, because the people in this church don’t reproduce [it was not reported whether or not the married people in this church are getting down to the business of being married], just like gay people. He concluded with a science lesson about how reproduction is not an occurrence of gay relationships.

Overall, a great lesson can be pulled from this. And it’s that if you look at a still photo of Pat Robertson, you wonder, how the heck does he go on TV with those ears?

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