VIDEO: Owner Catches Cat Hypnotizing The Dog, This Is Amazing!!

This is a video that gives you an idea of how much cats are in control of the world. They might be quiet and stealthy, but they always seem to hypnotize those they come in contact with, even dogs. Cats always seem to grasp the hearts of their owners. They will climb in the laps of their owners, purring and meowing.

Then, the owners will feed them, pet them and make sure the cat is care for in any way possible. This video might give an explanation.

There is a dog and a cat in the video, and the cat is clearly in charge of the dog’s mind. The dog is laying on the couch with his eyes halfway closed. The cat is on top of he dog. It looks like the cat is licking the dog’s ear while pawing at the side of his neck.

This action seems to be putting the dog to sleep. The dog doesn’t seem to mind as he just lays there, taking in all of the massage work that the cat is giving. The cat is distracted by something and looks up at the sound. The dog does wake up for a split second only to go back to sleep as soon as the cat starts licking the dog’s head again.

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