VIDEO: OMG! I Can’t Believe Who This Old Lady Is Burying And It’s All Caught On Tape. WOW

It’s a beautiful day outside, the sun is beaming, the birds are chirping and there you are enjoying the beauty of nature, doing your own thing. Suddenly, a sweet old lady walks across your path, struggling to push a wheel barrow that has a variety of plants and dirt in it.

This sweet old lady asks you to help her and being the gentleman/lady that you are, you take a brief moment to pause your activity, to help her, out of the goodness of your heart. She leads you to a hole, that you presume is for her abundance of plants that she wishes to put into the ground, but as soon as you get there, something seems terribly wrong.

In the hole you see that a body is partially covered and as for the dirt in the wheelbarrow ? Well that’s just to cover up the the body. So she completely ignores the fact that you are right there and begins to fill the hole up. What would do ? Such is the case in this prank video where a seemingly sweet old lady, lures her pranking victims to a scene of pure horror.

Even though the people that choose to help her seemed happy to help out, as soon as they realized that they may have been an accomplice or rather witness to a crime, all those smiles turned to faces of shock and horror. The people in the video were so stunned that all they could do is just look and contemplate what exactly is going on.

But right before they begin to have a heart attack, the woman gently smiles and point them towards the camera, gotcha !

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