VIDEO: Obama Is Exposing The GOP For Who They Really Are, And We Can’t Love It Enough!

The political Left seemingly continues their state of denial over the magnitude of November’s GOP red wave which resulted in GOP dominance at the state and federal level unseen since before the Great Depression. It is true that President Obama has charted out a course that seeks to push the same agenda that was repudiated at the polls. He has vowed to veto the Keystone Pipeline XL which would create 42,000 good paying jobs.

The president also reminded the GOP that he will veto any attempts to rollback his agenda despite the fact the will of the people call for his agenda to be rolled back. While the veto threats do remind the GOP as to the limitations of their voter mandate, the Left has not realized the Congress now has the ability to effective “veto” any new initiatives of the president they find unacceptable.

The party will likely circular file the president’s 2016 Fiscal Year budget when he releases it on Monday. They will propose a right wing budget of their own making and the resulting negotiations will be a center-right budget – something not possible prior to the November election. The president already had to back pedal from his proposal to repeal the tax exempt withdrawals from 529 education savings accounts.

A similar fate will befall his other tax increase proposals. Additionally, voters will see more of his proposals to die in committee. The GOP can return veto for veto until he allows the political agenda to shift center-right. As much as the Left denies it, elections have consequences.

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