VIDEO: Nurse Thought He Was Just Another Dying Patient Then She Discovered This. HEART WRENCHING

When Wanda’s father left her, her older sister, and her mother in 1969, she was just an infant. As such, she did not think that you would ever have any memories of him. However, she could not possibly have anticipated what would happen 41 years later.

Wanda had decided when she was younger that she wanted to go into nursing, because she wanted to help people. She had no idea who was going to end up showing up at her hospital. it turned out that her father, Victor, was in the final stages of his battle with cancer, which had lasted for a year and a half. He ended up at the hospital where his daughter was working, and they ended up meeting purely by chance.

Father and daughter had a very emotional reunion and had been spending a great deal of time together ever since he came back into her life. She had the option to be justifiably angry at him for having left her all those years ago and never contacting her, but she instead decided to reconcile with and forgive her father. He also spoke of how much he regretted leaving the family decades earlier.

Ever since this father and daughter have been reunited, they have renewed their relationship. Additionally, she has introduced him to her three children, his grandchildren. It just goes to show that even if a family is split apart at one point, there is always hope that they will find one another again.

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