VIDEO: Not Even This Tough Soldier Could Hold Back The Tears When He Sees What His Bride Does

When a soldier is away from home, it tugs at the hearts of everyone who is involved including the spouse or future spouse of the soldier. When this couple had to wait to get married, they knew they could do it because they love each other.

The big day finally came, and the soldier was moved to tears because of the surprise that his bride had in store. After the wedding ceremony, everyone was gathered for the first dance of the couple.

The bride took a microphone, and she started singing a beautiful version of the song From This Moment On by Shania Twain. This might not be anything spectacular, and there have been many people who have done things that are just as romantic if not more romantic than this. However, this couple thought that they might never get a chance to have the wedding of their dreams.

You can see the love that the couple shares by the way the bride talks to her husband and by the way he looks at his new bride. The song was beautifully sung, and it’s clear that this couple will celebrate many more years together, even if the soldier has to serve in another location again.

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