VIDEO: Normally, You See Him On TV Laughing. But What Made Him Burst Into Tears? So Moving!

In a unique edition of his daily talk show, comedian Steve Harvey allowed his producers to create a program that would be focused on celebrating Harvey’s 58th bithday on January 17. The results of what they were able to put together brought Harvey to tears.

Steve was unaware that his wife, Marjorie, would be handling hosting duties. She then introduced a news reporter from the ABC affiliate in Cleveland, Harvey’s hometown. The reporter showed Harvey the neighborhood he grew up on, and then introduced the city’s mayor, Frank Jackson.

Jackson then showed the proclamation from the city that designated Harvey’s birthday this year as Steve Harvey Day in Cleveland. Jackson then announced that a portion of that street would be designated as “Steve Harvey Way.”

Harvey’s sister Mona then spoke, followed by the councilman in his district, Kevin Conwell, who introduced cheerleaders from Harvey’s former high school, Glenville.

The parade of surprise guests continued, with a former fraternity brother, Ricardo, from Kent State University, preceding Harvey’s actual brother, Terry.

Jackson is then brought back to formally introduce the name addition to what used to only be East 112th Street. Along with “Steve Harvey Way” is a photo of the comedian.

fter trying to express his feelings about what his former neighborhood meant to him, the wave of emotions causes Harvey, who had struggled to maintain them through much of the segment, to begin weeping openly. That action results in a standing ovation from his audience.

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