VIDEO: No One Wanted Him Because Of His Disability, Then A Hero Came And Did THIS!

Chance Was Not Always His Name

I don’t know what Chance’s name was when he was a puppy, or as he became a young adult. It wasn’t his name when he was hit by a car and left by the side of the road. San Antonio Pets Alive rescued him and gave him a chance at life. That is when he became “Chance”.

A Home for Chance

Chance’s hind quarters were paralyzed. Who is going to adopt a paralyzed dog? He had been given one chance, but would he ever get another? When Michael saw Chance, you might say it was love at first sight. It was actually more than love, it was understanding. You see, Michael is a paraplegic. The only way he can get around is in a wheelchair. He understands what Chance is going through. Michael adopted Chance and took him home to wife. Together they have restored Chance mentally, emotionally and physically. Oh, he is still paralyzed, but now he has his own wheelchair. Together Michael and Chance can go on walks, play outdoors and take part in an active life.

Two Happy Guys

When you see Michael and Chance, you can tell they are happy. When the difficult times come, they always know that the other understands. Chance earned his name; he was given two great chances, but maybe, he has given Michael a new chance in life also.

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