VIDEO: No One Ever Thought It Was Possible For A Dog To Do This To Save This Child’s Life. WOW

With Benjamin and Hope Jordan starting a new life when they moved to Charleston, South Carolina a year ago, they never dreamed that their precious baby boy will be in the hands of a monster. When they hired Alexis Khan, age 21 years old at the time, to babysat their 7-month old son name Finn, of course, they felt like their most precious treasure is being well taken cared of.

However, in five months of babysitting, the Jordans noticed how their family dog reacted towards Alexis Khan. Their beloved four-legged friend will become defensive, hostile, and very aggressive towards Alexis. As a matter of fact, their dog will become so hostile and aggressive, that they had to refrain their dog from attacking the babysitter.

So, Hope Jordan, with her motherly instincts, came up with the idea to leave their iPhone underneath the couch to record what exactly is going on with the babysitter and Finn, while they are at work. As a result, they couldn’t believe the atrocity that they angrily heard with their own ears.

They heard Finn crying in a distress tone; they heard Alexis cussing and making slapping sounds; and then Finn’s crying transferred from a distress cry to a painful cry after hearing the slapping sounds occurred. So, as a result, Finn’s parents alerted the authorities, and Alexis was arrested a few weeks later. She plead guilty to assault and battery, was sentence from 1 to 3 years in prison, and she has to serve at least one year to become eligible for parole. She also must register with the child abuse registry, so that she can’t work with children ever again.

And as far as Finn goes, his parents say that he is doing fine, with no signs of him being abused.

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