VIDEO: News Anchors Didn’t Realize The Camera Was Rolling When They Were Caught Doing This. LOL

As exciting as the top stories in the news might be, sometimes what’s going on behind the scenes can be just as (if not more) entertaining. That’s been the case with Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange, who have been news anchors together for many years now.

Apparently in their years of working together these two anchors have come up with some highly amusing ways to kill time during the commercials, and recently one of those was caught on tape.

What Were They Doing?

While the tone sounds like something scandalous, Bange and Jordan’s commercial break activities are actually pretty entertaining to watch.

The latest behind the scenes footage was of the two of them going through what is possibly the most complex secret handshake anyone has ever seen from a news station. It involved dozens of different hand jives, dance moves, a few music notes, and it took quite nearly the entire commercial break (which was roughly two and a half minutes) to complete.

While the home audience didn’t get to see the whole process as it was going on, the amazingly entertaining distraction was put up later and is still online for anyone who wants to see what it is news anchors do to kill a few minutes in between delivering the day’s updates.

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