VIDEO: New Study Reveals THIS And It Will Make The Racist In America’s Heads To EXPLODE.

A new research that focuses on genetic structure of Americans confirmed that majority of the scientists had discovered something that most racists did not probably know. They realized that people are much more biracial than they actually knew.

In this study, researchers tested the DNA samples of Americans from areas in different corners of USA so as to generate its genetic chart. They found that most of those people who were self-identified as “whites” in most cases had some African DNA.

The incident was especially extreme towards the south, where approximately 10% of all those that self-identified as “whites” were to some extent slightly black. It is actually a very hard reality to accept for most of the supremacists that are white who cover their homes with confederate flags and earnestly wait for the segregation times.

In a nut shell, what the study indicates is that whilst social distinction of race is very much alive to this date, the genetic underpinnings are largely irrational. When the nation is struggling with racism- ranging from the anti-Obama detestation to prejudice by police- it might be essential to consider that the matter is not (and I beg your pardon for the pun) as clear as people might tend to think.

The most radical white supremacist is likely to have a considerable amount of African pedigree. Majority would not like the fact that their identity is being washed away by inconvenient realities, but it has a likelihood of causing them to greatly mirror on the reality that an easy dichotomy (either in-group or out-group) is not so straightforward.

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