VIDEO: My Friend Set Up A Night Vision Camera. What He Caught His Pit Bull Doing? LOL!

Dogs do the darnedest things, and many of them just happen to be the world’s greatest natural alarm clocks, too. “Autoedit” is a member of the  social networking site YouTube. He’s the owner of a beautiful and adorable pit bull “Grey Dog,” too.

He uploaded a short clip of Grey Dog’s typical morning routine.

He used a night vision camera so viewers could see all of Grey Dog’s amusing actions very well despite all of the darkness. Grey Dog is different from the typical canine in that she has a predilection for meowing just like a cat to get her sleepy owner to look at her in the morning. Right before 5:00 in the morning (at exactly 4:57AM), Grey Dog approaches the side of Autoedit’s bed and proceeds to emit a low meowing sound.

When her approach fails to accomplish waking Autoedit up, she defeatedly yet patiently leaves him alone for a little while. Then around 20 minutes later she comes back to repeat the whole meowing process. Once again, poor Grey Dog’s adorable meowing is ineffective at getting her owner to come out of bed and greet her for the day. She again temporarily leaves her owner’s bedside.

When she comes back for yet another round of morning meowing, her exhausted owner ignores her actions yet again. Frustrated, Grey Dog stands up by the side of the bed and tries to get her owner to look up at her. Unfortunately for her, however, her owner is still fast asleep. This pit bull has a little more waiting to do if she wants playtime from Autoedit.

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