VIDEO: Mommy Stuffs The Blanket Around The Baby. Every Parent Needs To See This

Many new parents have heard that swaddling an infant is very beneficial in many ways. Maternity nurses actually teach parents how to swaddle their new babies shortly after they are born. Swaddling is said to be comforting to a new baby, because it actually somewhat mimics the feel of the mother’s womb, and the baby can feel safe and secure in a tightly wrapped blanket.

However, some babies are extra active and squirmy, and they can wiggle themselves out of a swaddle. In these cases, a double swaddle is useful and effective. All this really involves is performing the regular swaddle twice, with the baby being wrapped in two blankets instead of one.

This is actually quite easy. For anyone who knows how to swaddle a baby, all you need to do is arrange the blanket on the surface where the baby will be placed, and arrange another blanket on top of the first one. You then swaddle your baby with the top blanket, and then repeat the process with the bottom blanket.

The process of a double swaddle is shown on video, and once it is complete, the baby looks so calm and happy, as well as cozy in the two comfortable blankets. This is definitely worth trying if you agree with the idea of swaddling your baby. Some people will think that it is too constrictive for a child, but others see it as beneficial and would definitely benefit from learning and trying the useful double swaddle technique.

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