VIDEO: Mommy Bird Sees Her Baby Having Trouble To Hatch. Then This Happened…

The miracle of birth is always fascinating to see regardless of the species that’s having a little one. In a recent home video, one is able to witness the birth of a cockatiel. The video starts out with the young cockatiel trying to get free from its shell.

It is almost free from its shell home until the part of the shell that is attached to its head becomes hard to come off. Seconds pass by and the shell is still not able to be removed by the little cockatiel. The mother cockatiel comes on the scene.

At first glance one can assume that she will help her little one out of its shell, but no. The little one is mistaken as an intruder by its own mother. Perhaps the cause of the mistaken identity is due to the mother missing out on the beginning phase of her newborn’s hatching due to being busy chowing down on seeds. Instead of helping to remove the difficult shell on the little one’s head, the mother gives her little one a couple of pecks.

Thankfully, the little one is able to completely get freed from the shell. A later video clip shows the mother and baby cockatiel bonding. The mother has finally realized that the young cockatiel is not an intruder but her own baby chick.

Viewers are able to see the two birds bond as the mother uses vomit to feed her little one.

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