VIDEO: Mom Takes These Coke Cans And Turns Them Into Things You Won’t Believe!

Aluminum cans can stack up fast – before you know it, you have more of them than you know what to do with. Recycling is always an excellent option that’s good for the environment. But sometimes these cans can be useful as artistic material.

Before you bring out the recycling bin, hold on a minute. This creative team on the YouTube channel WhatsUpMoms has an alternative for you: they’ve put up a great tutorial that enables you to turn these cans, and other types of trash, into unique outdoor decorations. Get the most out of what you already own!

Sure, going to the craft store can be a boost, what with all the ideas popping into your mind as you walk down the isles, but there are plenty of building blocks right at home. And somewhere you least suspect: in the bin.

Imagine yourself sitting at a barbecue surrounded by friends and family, your backyard is filled with homemade crafts designed to brighten the place up: a picnic table caddy, luminaries, candles, fairies and more. The team at WhatsUpMoms gives you all the directions you need.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – take control of an inventory you’ve already got. Surprise yourself with your own creativity.

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