VIDEO: Mom Put Her Twin Babies In The Sink. What Does The Baby On The Left Do? HA!

It seems like babies can put a smile on the face of anyone. When babies start laughing over what seems like nothing, the laughter almost always becomes contagious as the people in the room start laughing as well.

It could be the kiss of a cat or a dog or the slight tickle from a parent that makes babies laugh. This mother has twin girls, and she puts them in the kitchen sink for their first bath with bubbles. They are nine months old, so they are starting to show their personalities. When they sit in the water, they start laughing for about three minutes.

The parents of the babies captured the hysterics on camera. They start splashing in the water, and one of the twins starts to giggle. Her sister doesn’t pick up on the concept of playing with the bubbles at first, but she soon follows her sister’s lead.

As the babies are laughing, the parents start giggling as well, watching as their daughters enjoy playing in a sink of water. These are the kinds of videos that put smiles on the faces of those who are having a bad day. The little girls appear to love each other and are sure to be best friends as long as they keep the laughter alive.

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