VIDEO: Mom Left The Baby Home With Daddy All Day And This Is What The Camera Caught Them Doing

Many people think that mothers should be the primary parents when it comes to raising kids. Women are seen to be naturally more nurturing, as well as more biologically programmed to take care of kids rather then go to work. Fathers love their kids as well, but their traditional role has typically been to go to work and bring in money to support the family while their wives take care of the children and spend the majority of the time with them.

However, there are both men and women who have defied these stereotypes and debunked them as well. There are many stay at home dads, and dads who shares the childrearing workload with their wives. Many of them greatly enjoy this job, as is the case with the man who made this video that shows how he and his son spent a day together.

He makes this video for his wife, Stephanie, but it is shared online as well. It shows him and his son together as they spend a day in the house.

Basically, he is just playing with his son and spending quality time with him all day. They play with toys and make a mess but they clean up, they play on the keyboard, and they just obviously really enjoy their time together. The video is edited to show the elapsed time, and there is music as well that plays in the background. It is simple, but it is very nice to see them being together.

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