VIDEO: Mom Cried All Night For Her Missing Baby. When She Finally Gets To See Him? Amazing!

Cows, a lot like people, have nurturing motherly feelings toward their offspring. When female cows are split up from their calves, they wail for extended periods of time — often even days.

A mother cow called Karma was recently rescued by a sanctuary known as The Gentle Barn. The people at The Gentle Barn, however, had no clue that Karma’s earlier owners took her baby “Mr. Rojas” away from her. Their plan was to sell the young calf to people who wanted him to make their Christmas meals. Karma couldn’t stop crying after she arrived at the sanctuary.

That’s when the good people at The Gentle Barn had the epiphany that she was upset due to being away from her baby. They immediately took action by contacting the people they acquired Karma from and requesting the safe return of her youngster Mr. Rojas.

Fortunately for everyone involved, their plan worked and mama Karma got the chance to be with her precious calf yet again. Once Karma noticed a trailer coming her way, she started urgently crying out for her baby. When delicate, frail and emaciated Mr. Rojas got out of the trailer, Karma’s wails were overwhelming in their intensity. Mr. Rojas was so submerged with feeling that he fell to the ground right by his mother. He then stood up for nursing purposes.

This display of pure love between an animal and her young baby confirms what many people have known all along — the ties between mothers and their offspring exist in all creatures.

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