VIDEO: Mom Bought Them Different Cakes And When They Open It. LOL! But The Girl On The Right. WOW!

A mother recently used a very creative way to inform her two daughters that they were going to be new big sisters in a few months’ time. She sat each of the girls down at the dinner table and presented them each with a cake that was in a box.

Then she invited the girls to open their cake boxes at the same time, with each of them staring at the message written on the cake. Although the sister on the right hand side at first seems confused and then elated, the girl on the left gives an emotional display that was equivalent to fireworks.

She not only jumps up and down and screams at the realization that her mom is pregnant again and the family will soon be welcoming a new addition, she runs over to embrace her mother who is out of camera range.

Then both sisters step away from the table to hug their mom, and when they return to their cakes, mom hands them a photograph which is not turned to the camera but is obviously a sonogram photograph taken of their new sibling. Then mom joins the party, turning both cakes to the camera to show what their cake messages said. One proclaimed “Big Sister”, the other said “Big Sister Again”, one of the sweetest ways ever for a mother to inform her daughters about the good news that a new baby is on the way.

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