VIDEO: Mississippi Republican State Senator Switches To Democratic Party Because Of THIS

The State Senator of Mississippi, Tim Johnson, has take the drastic step of switching political parties because of Obamacare. Late last Wednesday, Johnson stated that he changed parties, from Republican to Democrat, and that he will seek the Lt. Governor seat in the state of Mississippi.

Johnson has said that he left the party as a result of the state’s failure to accept federal dollars that are made available as part of the Obamacare expansions. Not only was this money denied by the Republican party, leading to financial hardship for the citizens and health system in the state of Mississippi, but several other funding and points of corruption led up to his decision.

Senator Johnson listed all of the various goings on within the Republican party that he has witnessed, and blamed them for the decline of the state of Mississippi, which he would love to see prosper. This change in parties is Johnson’s attempt to make things right in his home state, to pull several counties out of the financial hardship and decline they are in and help the people in his home state.

Senator Johnson is not the first politician to switch parties, as a result of Republican hard balling, but it has been one of the most abrupt in recent months.

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